Sunday, September 09, 2007

Back to School

She selected her outfit for the first day of school months ago. She wore turquoise socks with coral mary janes. She is a natural born Fauvist.

I did not position that man in the Cal cap. I never met him before the first day of school. Their family recently moved here from Japan.

Iris was placed in a second grade classroom along with two boys who will be doing third grade math with her. Her teacher was not able to get an aide for the three children who are ahead. So she wondered if Iris could help the boys while she was busy with the rest of the kids. I provided some math curriculum to get them started. It just takes too long for the school to order stuff. I have no idea why.


  1. I love that photo of Iris. You can just catch a glimpse of how her face is maturing.

  2. They already dropped one of the boys after the pretest.

    Actually, in the pretest, Iris missed three out of 25 problems. A year ago, she got all 20 of the first grade problems right. They gave her the second grade placement test and she got 20 out of 25 problems right.

    So last year was a complete waste in math for her. I hardly think getting 2 more problems right counts as good return for a whole school year. But, in the whole metrics-based school testing Olympiad, she will still top out on the grade level standardized test (and she can bubble in the scantron sheets neatly from all that practice!). That's all that matters to the school district.

    Now do you understand why I am so frustrated with the school district?

    In reading, Iris was teamed with the new boy from Japan to help him. I think that he should have to teach Iris to read in Japanese. Fair's fair. I am desperate for her to learn something during the school day.


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