Sunday, September 23, 2007

Box Pleat Skirt

Iris has claimed my old sewing machine.

Read more about sewing for Purrfect Kitty in Refashioned Refashioned Skirt.


  1. Great work, professionally made! Congratulations Iris!

  2. Good job, Iris!

    What a great way to recycle that old sewing machine! But will you resist reverting back to that machine instead of the new one?

  3. I need to put the Janome away before I lapse back into using it by default.

    It turns out to be the perfect beginner machine because of the intuitive interface. It also has a speed setting on top. She already got sick of the slow setting and cranked it up to medium.

    She tried to sew with an office chair, but needed to put the foot pedal on a footstool so she could reach it.

    I suggested she stand, but the foot pedal skittered away from her. We resolved that by putting a rubber placemat under the pedal.


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