Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Paperweight

Spring 2006, nearly a year and a half ago, I bought a Bernina aurora 440 QE. Until today, it had only been used twice--both times at the dealer training classes.

In my defense, I bought it at a weird time. My doctors had discovered that something was seriously wrong, but didn't have a diagnosis yet. The possibilities being kicked around were not reassuring. They took me off work while they ran me through a series of tests that took several months. What did I do?

I went shopping.

That's all I am going to say about that. I don't feel like flashing my stash. I am a little bit embarrassed by its size.

Anyway, I had this fancy swiss-made paperweight in the sewing room. It was time to clear up the clutter and put it to use. So that I wouldn't cheat and use my old machine, I cleaned and packed it away. If I need to sew something, I will have to use the new machine.

I have nothing sewing or knitting related to show (unless you want to see stitch samples on scrap fabrics). I puttered around, practicing Seiri and Seiton around the house. I made a dent in the mountain of paper in the home office. There was a trip to IKEA. The lighting and tool layout in the sewing room is much improved. We also unloaded a large box of books and magazines at Dave's Olde Book Shop and the public library.

  • Who knew that DARPA Net would become the mother of all shopping malls?
  • I took Mark by the Bernina dealers to see if he could talk me out of it. Instead, he asked me why I didn't also buy the optional embroidery unit.
  • Today is our 17th wedding anniversary. We canceled our dinner reservations at Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills because I didn't feel up to it. Instead, we celebrated at a more modest restaurant close to home with Iris. I want to try the Omakase menu there when I am feeling stronger. Maybe, I will even sew the kind of fierce dress that would be appropriate for the setting.


  1. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Same here... Happy Anniversary!

  3. Anonymous03:12

    Happy belated anniversary. I understand about that shopping therapy. You will get around using that "paperweight".


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