Monday, September 24, 2007

Trail of Destruction

I went to Iris' bathroom this morning to straighten up. I usually find damp towels on the floor, but never expected this sight.

When I got home from work, I found these pieces on the entry table. She named them.

This is how they fit together.

I am such a bad mom, I stayed late to puzzle over a computer algorithm. I hired a babysitter to schlep her from Hip Hop dance class to Tae Kwon Do and then to cook dinner tonight. (Mark is on travel, making me temporarily a single mom.)

Iris' nanny, M, received a full scholarship to a good liberal arts school 40 miles away. They are paying for her tuition and housing. Good for her but boo hoo for us. A new babysitter is very nice and responsible, but no one can take M's place in our hearts. M is coming home for a visit this weekend and she and Iris have a date this Friday.

Addendum: Iris said that some hair refused to stay in place, even after repeated applications of water and hair gel. She had no choice but to cut off the stray locks.

From the archives: see Iris break a board with her jumping scissor kick in December 2006.


  1. That's not a trail of destruction, that's self-expression. Wait 'til she gets to be a teenager, it'll be spiked pink hair, tatoos, or whatever else the teens have thought of by then.

  2. Notice the 'tattoo' she gave herself in the box pleat construction photo? She goes through many temporary tattoo sheets and also creates her own tattoo artwork on herself.


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