Friday, September 21, 2007

More things my mother never taught me

I am working from home this morning, installing new required software for working at home. (I need to install Lotus Notes on 3 different systems; XP, PowerPC and Intel Mac.) As long as I am here, I am doing system maintenance.

So, I cleaned up the caches, made sure that my virus and spyware software is up to date, checked for other system and software updates, thoroughly scanned all the hard drives for nasty stuff, defragmented the hard drives, scanned for bad sectors on the drives, and made sure that the backup scripts are really running as they should. When I am done, I will also do a backup restore because I am paranoid.

This is another case of upping the ante. Our mothers didn't have to administer the household computers.

OTOH, I do have the ability to work from home when my health demands it. I also shop by computer in my jammies late at night rather than try to rush to the stores after dinner and before they close. Technology is a double edged sword.

I can't wait until Iris is a little bit older and I can foist this stuff off on her. Right now, I am a little bit peeved at all the spyware installed by Broderbund games.

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