Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why are men happier than women?

Don't miss David Leonhardt's article, Why are men happier than women? There is much there to comment upon, but it is late.

I had a long day of doctor's appointments, lab tests, software wrangling and single parenthood. It was so satisfying today to get the satellite data matched up so neatly with the modeled data. The few anomalies are clearly visible now. And I just love trying to figure out why the unexpected occurs. (I write this without a trace of irony. I truly love this kind of stuff.)


  1. "Men apparently enjoy being with their parents, while women find time with their mom and dad to be slightly less pleasant than doing laundry."

    This is just bizarre, perhaps cause I get along so well with my parents and love spending time with them, even when we *are* working, not just relaxing. Hanging out with the parental units is stacks more fun than doing laundry. And specially with my dad, he's much happier doing some activity together than he is just hanging out, so if there are curtains to be hung, or things to be screwed to other things, or loads of things to be moved, it's all the happier.

    But even with mum, we do "work" type things together. And it's enjoyable, even if the work itself is not that interesting, because you chat, and hang out, and I really just don't understand this weird and screwed-up attitude...

  2. @ rebekka - I suspect you are in rarefied company, since you find satisfaction and common ground in "work". In the U.S., I think that the majority of people do not.


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