Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We had a hectic day. After I dropped Iris off at school, I came home to do the dishes and my exercises. Then I went to work. I left my desk at 5:30, picked up dinner at McDonald's and picked Iris up at daycare at 5:50.

We went to the girl scout house at 5:55 and ate our dinner in the car in the parking lot. Scout meeting lasted from 6:00 to 7:30. I filled out girl scout administrative forms and chatted with the other moms for a few minutes.

Then I headed out to Target and Trader Joe's. Driving between the two, I saw a huge harvest moon resting in the V made by two palm tree trunks. Of course, I was driving in traffic and couldn't stop to take a photo. By the time I got to TJ's and found a parking spot, I was committed to grocery shopping instead of photo taking.

I speed shopped and headed west again. What was I doing? Iris was to the east! I needed to go back up to the top of the hill and take that photo. Of course, it was too late and the moon was higher. You will just have to use your imagination to run the back trajectory that puts the moon between the palm trees again.

Another incredibly busy day, but there was beauty. And there was progress on the analysis software. And there were french fries.

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  1. You could try early in the morning. My son and I saw the very best orange harvest moon low over west bound Rosecrans at 5AM the other day.

  2. Like I am up at 5 am? I can't even go to sleep before 11 or midnight. How am I supposed to get up before 5?

  3. Well, it was closer to 6, actually. Blame an early important meeting. I only do that once in great while since it throws our schedule all out of whack.


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