Thursday, September 27, 2007

Spring Fashion Preview

Remember this Shibori experiment? I was feeling slothful about not getting around to correct this, until I saw the spring 2008 Marni fashion show pictures from

I was just ahead of the fashion curve.

The clothes were interesting, but don't do anything for the female figure. If it looks bad on the sticks walking the runway, what chance do mere mortals have?

All the girls in the show look skeletal.

Take a look at this girl's leg. Her knee is as wide as her thigh.

This image is grotesque.

Read Guy Trebay's essay, Still Too Thin, and Getting Younger.
There, one might be startled to find, scattered on the makeup table alongside the iPod and the Motorola SLVR (a device that electronics blogs approvingly call the anorexic phone), other currently common tools of the trade like Vicodin, clenbuterol and Marlboro Lights.

Vicodin, of course, is the prescription painkiller Eminem liked so much he immortalized it on “The Slim Shady LP,” and a drug better appreciated in the fashion business for its appetite-suppressing powers than for the truly unappetizing truth that it is only slightly less addictive than heroin. Clenbuterol is a steroid used by athletes, horse trainers and models to reduce body fat (one study of clenbuterol in horses showed significant weight reduction in a matter of weeks). “A lot of girls are using it now to keep their weight down,” said Kelly Cutrone, the founder of People’s Revolution, a fashion production company.
I am not going to say any more about fashion, because Everyone's a Critic.

More about skinny models at What is wrong with this picture?


  1. Hi,

    This is somewhat off topic - and I left a messge on Flickr, but I'm not sure how often you would check something like that! My name is Maggie - I run a movie costume research website called Costumer's Guide ( A friend sent me a link to your exhibit photos of the Marie Antoinette costumes, (because they are spectacular and show a lot of detail!) and I was wondering if you would give me permission to repost them. I'd be happy to credit you however you wish!

    The Marie Antoinette page on my site is here:

    The same person was kind enough to direct me to your blog so I could contact you; your blog is where they found the link to the flickr set of photos.

    Thanks so much and sorry to bother you. Your photos are so amazing, but I wanted to ask permission!


  2. Anonymous08:38

    Well, I noticed that some of the Italians were saying that the models were much less thin now, but I didn't see it in the runway photos. I hadn't read the times article yet.

    Are they really so blind that they only see what they want to see?


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